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Student Services Director


Student Services



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     The student services department supports your child’s academic, social, emotional and physical growth in a safe and healthy environment. The student services department provides hearing officers to handle student conduct violations; promotes school counseling; provides programs for students at risk; coordinates foreign student enrollment; directs comprehensive guidance activities; coordinates substance abuse and violence prevention programs; provides school nursing services, home and hospital instruction, crisis management support; and facilitates support groups.



Contact Information:
Art Hansen, Director
(801) 476-7811


Coordinators: Sara Allen (801) 476-7808  Jan Burrell (801) 476-7809 Dave Burt (801) 476-7810

Rich Shepherd  (801) 476-7812

Secretaries: Debbie Hansen (801) 476-7811, Kellee Fisher (801) 476-7817





5320 Adams Ave Parkway
Ogden, UT 84405





5320 Adams Ave Parkway Ogden, UT 84405