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*Wellness Insurance Premium - October 1st, 2015

-To qualify for the wellness insurance premium that begins October 1st, 2015 you must have participated in WSD's health screening last fall or had a physical from your physician within the last year.  You also needed to complete the online health risk assessment.


What Can I Do To Qualify If I Did Not Participate Last Year??

-If you did not participate in the wellness initiatives last year but you have had a physical from your physician within the last year you can still qualify for the wellness premium.  You need to complete the following steps-

Step #1- You will need to have your physician sign the Physician Form.  On a seperate document you will need to get the results from your physical (cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and BMI numbers).  You will need this information to complete step #2. 

Step #2- Complete the Online Health Risk Assessment (Click Here) by September 6th.

Step #3- Turn in your Physician Form (Do Not include result's of your physicial on the Physician Form) to Human Resources by September 6th.

*For questions call 476-7886.